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Testimonials In Goodyear, AZ


“I had a great time in class with you and really learned a lot! You were the best instructor I ever had, and I don’t say that lightly.”
~ Irwin, New York

Tucker Macon

“Called Craig on a Tuesday let him know I needed to lessons to get me tournament ready in just a few weeks. I told him I was limited on time due to my work schedule. Craig worked with me and around my schedule to get me on the range and on the course. I like how he got me back to the basics. Alignment, Balance and rhythm. What I like the most was the on course education. Craig would say things like “If I was our caddy I would tell you to do this” He would have me practice real shots you find yourself with during the round. Playing this week I heard his voice in my head. Thanks Craig for the help I will be back so you can teach me how to hit a cut shot.”
~ Tucker Macon

Bob Peters

“In February 2017, I took a two-day private golf instruction clinic from Craig O’Hern at Palm Valley Golf Club in Goodyear, AZ. I was extremely pleased with everything about the clinic. Craig is very personable, outgoing, and a very experienced golf instructor. I’m 67, really just starting to play golf semi-seriously, and had a very significant back surgery 9 months ago so we were doing mostly pretty basic stuff.

My sense is that Craig is very capable of instructing students at a very high level, but he was completely patient and encouraging with my level. I feel I learned a great deal about MY swing and what would help me improve my own game. Craig moved me through full swings with irons and woods, chipping (my own nemesis), pitching, bunker play, and putting. I came away with helpful tips and practices in all of those areas! Best of all, Craig was mindful of my back issues and was very careful to keep me grounded and in balance while swinging the clubs. I also appreciated that Craig has arranged for a semi-private area of the practice range so I could swing, chip, and hit bunker shots without a lot of distractions from other golfers.

All in all, I thought it was an EXCELLENT instruction experience and I would highly recommend Craig’s service to friends. Speaking of friends, I played the next three days with friends from the area and while I hit plenty of my “old” bad shots, I also made several natural birdies during the course of three rounds – and my back didn’t hurt a bit!”
~ Bob Peters

Jay R

“i have been to a lot of golf instructors, and craig is the best. He keeps it simple and works with the swing you have a…nd improves it. I went to craig early in 2016 and i then went on to come in second in our big club member guest. craig is by far the best instructor I have been to and I will keep coming back for tune ups.”
~ Jay R., Colorado

Sue and Mike

“Mike and I had a great week with you in March, and I must say you are out here on the course with us. I always say that Craig is in my head. I definitely see the improvement in my game, and I love the video you made. What a great way to correct myself.”
~ Sue and Mike, Connecticut

Bill and Janice

“Janice and I just want to thank you again for a really great day. I have never had anyone point out the things you did. I would never have known what to work on before yesterday.”

~ Bill and Janice, Arizona

Vic A

“Craig O’Hern is one of the most patient capable teachers of golf. I the pleasure of spending many months all over Europe and he helped my game…as matter of fact…before I was just swinging wildly…he made me a game… I’m very grateful forever.”
~ Vic A., New York.

Art Garzz

“If you guys need golf lessons around the Phoenix, AZ area, it would be a big miss not to try Craig O’Hern. I typically do not write a review but when I have such positive experience, a reward is due beyond the fees. … More If you guys need golf lessons around the Phoenix, AZ area, it would be a big miss not to try Craig O’Hern. I typically do not write a review but when I have such positive experience, a reward is due beyond the fees.

I was new to golf but I in a hurry to get to a play level where I am not embarrassed to play with other people. I went through 3 instructors and I feel that Craig was the best by far and way ahead from a second. He is very articulate, patient and follows through. He does not try to change you overnight that you end up not remembering a thing and completely messed up. He sends you emails to remind you of the important things to remember.

After my first lesson with Craig, I can tell right away that he knows golf both as a player and a teacher. When you are working on techniques, he breaks it down into different components and clearly articulates the impact of each part of the swing. He has a knack for spotting quickly what you are doing wrong – great for coaching. We all know that golf is not just about techniques. When he goes out with you in the course, he gives you insights of handling the different scenarios, basically, how to think. He is imparting his experience which is great for me.

Craig works very very hard for the money. At this point, I can honestly say that the lessons together with my many trips to the range, I am no longer embarrass playing even with random players inserted to make a foursome. My scores are improving a lot but I am also realistic to know that I have a long way to go – better techniques cemented into muscle memory and experience.

Without a doubt, I am taking more lessons from Craig.”
~ Art Garzz