Premier Golf School In Goodyear, AZ!!!

Your golf school begins at the Craig O'Hern Golf School in Goodyear, AZ begins with morning instruction with video analysis followed by 9 Hole playing lesson. Each golf school is personalized to each individual players needs. Our goal is simplify golf instruction, helping you understand your own unique swing and improve your game with easy to understand and remember instruction.

All lessons include a complimentary video for your at home review!

1 Hr Private Lesson


  • Video
  • 2 Player Private Hour $90

1/2 Day Program


  • 1 hour of driving range instruction
  • 2 hour on course lesson

1 Day Program


  • 2 Hours of Full Swing Instruction With Video
  • 1 Hours Of Short Game (Chipping/Putting/Bunkers)
  • Lunch Break
  • 9 Hole Playing Lesson On Strategy/Hills/Slopes And More

2 Day Program


1 Day Instruction Package PLUS
  • 1/2 Hour Full-Swing Review
  • 2 Hours Of Short Game (Chipping / Putting / Bunkers)
  • Lunch Break
  • 9-Hole Playing Lesson
  • Course Management Techniques
  • Advanced Ball Flight Instruction


Fall Series Special With Playing Lesson

Buy 5 hour lesson package for only $225
& get a 6th hour for free!

Private 1-1 Instruction
On Course Instruction
Offer ends December 31st, 2019

Call Craig For Details.
(623) 238-1733

Fall 3 Hour Private Afternoon Lesson Special
Early Afternoon 1/2 Day Golf School

1:30pm to 4:30 PM
1 hour Range Instruction With Video
PLUS 9 Hole On Course Playing Lesson. Pick Your Own Date For Your School.
Offer ends December 31st, 2019